After gigging around the Bay Area with his new trio in 1993, Les Claypool, lead man in Primus, convinced Charlie to record an album on Claypool's record label, Prawn Song Records (a spoof on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label. The logo portrays a flying shrimp with wings.) Charlie considers this self-titled release as more of a demo. It was recorded in a short amount of time in Les Claypool's basement. Charlie uses two guitars on this record, both 7-string guitars made by Ralph Novak of Novax Guitars. One of the guitars was a regular guitar converted to a 7-string while the other was custom made by Ralph. Both of these guitars are like a regular 6-string with a low A string.


Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar
Dave Ellis - tenor saxophone
Jay Lane - drums

special guests:
track 6 Scott Jensen - trumpet, Scotty Roberts - congas, Andre Marshall - cow bell
track 8 Miles Perkins - acoustic bass

1. Fred's Life 4:30
2. Live Oak 4:17
3. 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, Dead 5:57
4. Funky Niblets 6:05
5. Fables of Faubus 1:49
6. Dance of the Jazz Fascists 6:34
7. The Telephone's A' Ringin' 6:53
8. Rhythm Comes In 12 Tones 2:55
9. Mule 3:17
10. Faffer Time 6:04

Produced By Les Claypool

Recorded at From the Corn Studios
May 9-11, 24-26, 1993

All songs written by Charlie Hunter except 6 & 10 by the Charlie Hunter Trio, 2 by Charlie and Calder Spanier, and 5 by Charles Mingus.




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