Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar
Dave Ellis - tenor saxophone
Calder Spanier - alto saxophone
Scott Amendola - drums

1. Asby Man 5:18
2. Teabaggin' 5:41
3. Let's Get Medieval 6:35
4. The Shango Pt. III 7:49
5. Dersu 6:48
6. 911 5:22
7. Shango, The Ballad 4:34
8. Thursday the 12th 5:43
9. Sutton 4:44

Produced By Lee Townsend

Recorded and mixed at The Site, Marin County, CA

All compositions by Charlie Hunter except 2 & 9 by Calder Spanier, and 1 by Charlie and Calder Spanier.


This second release by Charlie is a strong follow-up to the previous release, Bing, Bing, Bing. "The groove is there, but it's more jazz-oriented this time," Hunter says of Ready, Set...Shango!. "It has a much looser feel than anything we have recorded so far. For this album, we wanted to emulate the stuff Cannonball Adderley, Big John Patton, and Eddie Harris were doing back in the '60's but update it with a modern twist. It's a pre-funk funk record with no back beat." When asked what exactly is shango, Hunter replies with a grin, "It's a dance...well, not exactly a real dance, but a mythical one. But it has no steps."

Hunter continues, "It's a bogus cultural dance movement that's a figment of my imagination. It's done in an effort to hoodwink the record buying public into thinking there is actually a dance called the shango, and we are the sole purveyors of its music. It's also a ready-made social-cuiltural movement for the press to pick up on."

Ashby Man - "Definitely a full tilt shango. It's a piece Calder and I wrote about this guy who hangs out every day on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley drinking beer. I mean, every day! This is his song."

Teabaggin' - "This is one of Calder's compositions. I'd have to say this is more of a Latin shango."

Let's Get Medieval - "This is not a shango of any type. It's based on a line from a movie I saw. I can't remember its name. My impression of this tune is that it sounds like a Little Richard 45 played at 33."

Shango III - "This is an impressionistic shango that takes its inspiration from the mid-'60s Miles Davis era. It's not an avant-shango."

Dersu - "Based on that Russo-Chinese film Dersu Uzala about that southern Siberian-Mongolian guy who befriends a Russian explorer. The music is based on a vamp that I ripped off from Big John Patton. It's played in 5/4 time and slowed down into a John Coltrane-like vamp."

911 - "That's the short title of the number which has as its full name 'Disgruntled Employees Union No. 911.' It's a straight shango. Really, it's a Buick shango, which is not to be confused with a Cadillac shango."

Shango...The Ballad - "This is definitely a hoax. It's actually a duo tune that Scott and I have been playing for quite a while. We banged that out in the studio on the first or second take. We gave it this name when we decided to take the shango thing to an extreme."

Thursday the 12th - "This is the Cadillac shango because it's got that mojo-working vibe from Muddy Waters. But it's really a Caddie because it has a few extra chords in it which makes it a deluxe."

Sutton - "This is another of Calder's compositions. It has nothing to do with shango. It's just a jazz tune. We figured since we're recording for Blue Note, we had to have at least one jazz number so we could try to get into heavy rotation on jazz radio."





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